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Morocco is a constitutional monarchy, democratic and social. Islam is the religion of State. The freedom of worship is guaranteed To the other religions by the constitution.


There exists in Morocco 15 000 sites and historic Buildings identified, of which 300 only are classified protected Monuments and historic sites. One distinguishes three types from them: Prehistoric sites, Roman sites and Islamic sites. - ART OF COOKING

- ART OF COOKING: Moroccan kitchen, refined, rich and varied. One could not either overlook the many ones and tasty receipts of tajines of meats, fish, poultries and vegetables stuffed. Lastly, a Meal could not complete if it were not followed delicious mint tea, Have become integral part of the good manners of the Moroccans.

- CRAFT INDUSTRY: Morocco is famous for its craft industry carried out In a still traditional way. Potteries, embroideries out of silk like Gold jewels, carpet... are proposed practically everywhere. Many Workshops and stores are gathered in the hurdy-gurdy city (Médina).

- DRIVING LICENCES: The driving licences European are recognized in Morocco to drive rented cars.

- MONEY : The monetary unit of Morocco is the Moroccan dirham, which is Subdivided in hundred centimes. The euro is also usually used.

- CLIMATE: The variety of the Moroccan landscape is reflected in the Various climatic zones. In one day, one can pass from the eternal snow Of the HAUT-ATLAS to the sand dunes of the Sahara while passing by Every season.

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